Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve holds the tradition of attending the Candles and Carols service at our church....
and then taco soup and opening presents at our home.

Our bins actually play with toys!  This toy occupied them the whole evening.
You know how I feel about these beads.  But, how could I resist Johnny's asking to "do beads" every day since we ran out. :)

Brother gifts were a big hit.

BJ kept telling John that his hammer was a really good American made hammer.  Finally Johnny said to daddy, "Would you stop saying that this is a good hammer? You've said it a hundred times." You can count on our Johnny to be honest and humorous. :)

The evening was very pleasant in all ways. It was nice to see the boys so appreciative for what they received....and so excited to give the gifts they bought with their own money for their assigned brother.

Christmas Sunday

Here's the crew on Christmas Sunday.  So, when I look at this picture I feel very thankful.  These boys, wild as they may be, are such a blessing. 

For all those guessing....Jared is holding Josiah.  Jesse is holding Joshua.
My "sweet" husband attacking me.  So much for a nice Christmas picture. :)

Christmas Traditions....

#1- Christmas lights 

#2 - "It's a Wonderful Life" movie night

And yes, that would be a lighted plastic Mary and Joseph in the corner of our room. My father-in-law is  known for finding us treasures at his special places. :)

#3- Caroling

I love that these 3 activities are officially traditions.   And as the boys are getting older, they won't let us forget to do them. :)

Family Band

We are really filling up Aunt Visa and Uncle Steve's basement. Last Christmas there were six new great grandbabies there, and this year there were two engagements.  We are so happy for Jordan and Kayla and Nathan and Minna.  Fun times. 
It was also fun for Jared and Jesse to finally play in the family band.  They were a little nervous at first but did a great job.  BJ was reminiscing about his excitement in finally joining the family band waaaay back in 6th grade.  :)

The stockings were hung....

Aren't these mini stockings so cute?  BJ's grandma Carolla knit one for each of her great-grandchildren last Christmas.  I couldn't wait to hang them up this year.  It is amazing that she still does these special things for each child even as the family as grown so large. 

Thank You, Grandma Carolla. We love you.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Double Digits!

Look who's 10!!!  

Lucky for us, Jesse wanted to eat at Chevy's, and it was a eat free!  I always feel like JimBob Duggar when I get excited about that. :)

We met BJ's parents at the restaurant and then continued the celebration with just our family at home.
Look at the excited crew!  The more the merrier!
Fun facts about Jesse Michael....
~he loves guns
~he doesn't like melted cheese
~he is my biggest helper
~he is easily grossed out
~he is very forgiving
~he does everything fast....from chores to school
~he still wears his Daniel Boone suit almost every day
~he is really good at building things
~he likes to pass out gospel tracts
~he is constantly attacking/wrestling his brothers :)

Happy Birthday, Jesse Michael!
We love you.

Live Nativity

Live nativity at Lynchwood Church of God was a little crazy this year.  Crazy for me since I was chasing around two little ones in the gym for 2 1/2 hours without my usual help. :)  The boys, and BJ, had fun playing their roles.  It sure was a chilly night.
Lynchwood has put on this nativity for 25 years.  They have 13 scenes from the life of Christ.  Jared was playing the part of the 12 year old Jesus at the temple.

BJ and the rest of the boys + Reaghan were in the Jesus and the children scene.  BJ grew his beard just for this one night. I was glad to see his clean shaven face the following morning.

BJ and his Uncle Ed

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Away in a Manger

 I was so proud of my boys last Sunday evening at our church choir cantata.  It is a joy to hear them perform musically.  They have made a lot of progress over the last year.  Jared and Jesse played an arrangement of Away in a Manger and Justin sang a verse.  So cute!

I was in the back with the twins, but I guess Judson Lee was on the front row poking at Johnny while the boys were playing.  BJ ended up signaling for him to come up front and hold his hand.  He needed a little help being a good boy. :)  The choir up on the stage got a good laugh watching the whole ordeal. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Quotes of John Russel

His conversation with me this morning...
"Ya know what I want to get you for Christmas?  A chocolate bar and a nice pink dress....that's what you'd like!"

And while sorting the white load....
"Bad grief!  Know why I said bad grief? Cause we couldn't find the socks." 
(He's seen Charlie Brown Christmas a few times. :)

Skate Night

This year's Alert Cadet skate party was fun, especially since our boys knew how to skate this time.  To add to the fun, Judson decided 5 minutes into it that he would like to give skating a try, and didn't give up until we took his skates off 2 hours later. :) This meant daddy got a nice workout...and a sore back.
Our sweet, energetic Judson attempts all activity with determination and vigor.  I am impressed with how tough he is.  He fell over and over again and wouldn't quit. :)
Justin and Johnny's skills greatly improved over the year.  Jesse even commented that he could hardly keep up with Justin. :)

Our twins entertained themselves a good chunk of the time by eating apples.

Jared loved rollerblading.
This kind of activity is right up Jud's alley.  
Can't wait for next year!