Saturday, October 26, 2013

more yard work fun

Continuing the project started a few weeks earlier.....

september fun

We usually end up at Arby's after church on Sundays.  They know us and even let us use the same expired coupons for 6 months! ha!  This particular time they were very busy and their two highchairs that we usually get were being used.  Wild times with these two experiencing more freedom than they are used to.  Let's just say we were being watched this meal.  It wasn't in a bad way, but in more of an entertained and curious how you will manage your 7 boys kind of way.  :)
The cousins practicing for grandma's service.

Lunch time in Florence.....A&W Restaurant.  yum!
Feeding the crew in Florence.
Ironing is not something I enjoy, but you do what you've got to do!  All ready for my mom's service.

Twin love.

Our once a month Costco trips.  BJ is an amazing packer.  He learned his skills working for UPS in college.  :)
A week after my mom's service the Freemans came down to start going through some of mom's things in our garage.
My father-in-law blessed us with 4 tickets to Ernie Haase & Signature Sound!  My sweet husband told me to take 3 of the boys.  If you know how much he loves Southern Gospel then you know how much he must love me.  :)  I had a great time with Johnny, Jesse, and Jared.  (Especially once Johnny did his usual car sickness thing.)

Birthday lunch for sweet Hannah!
At Pizza Hut....they also know us.  Gotta love the bookit program.

Jud's starting to draw these.  I love it when my boys start this phase.
Oh dear. I love this place.  I find myself thinking of ways to get myself there around lunch time.  The problem is that it is in Bridgeport, so it isn't exactly super close.  I had a few errands in that area though and bought my boys each a cookie while I enjoyed lunch.  (They had already eaten at home and decided last minute to go with me.) :)
I have never seen so many bright, beautiful, full rainbows as I have since moving here.  Such a blessing to see.
Daddy singing a little harmony with his boys.

A daily occurence around here.  I think Justin is a king on a parade float this time.
Indoctrination.....Southern Gospel videos with daddy.


This is a boy thing.  I'm still not sure why this was helpful, but they burned out the ditch.  I guess if you want to know more about it you will have to ask BJ.  :)

The moon was beautiful that night!

the corn in gone

Mom's Service

We headed back to Florence the following Monday to get things ready for the service on Wednesday.  Amy's family and ours shared a vacation rental home.  Fun times!  Although the reason for our gathering was a sad one, I was so thankful to see many family and friends.  

The cousins practicing their song. As you can tell, Judson was a little out of sorts the whole day.  He didn't join in the singing. :)
Paisley and Joshua

Big Justin came!  We were so excited to see him again.  We all just love and appreciate him so much. :)

Group shots after the service.  Poor Liviya....Joshua and Josiah would gang up on her.  They figured out that she doesn't like anyone in her personal space.  :)

My Aunt Lorena came!  What a blessing to have my Aunt from Ohio.  She was my mom's only sister, as their other sister, Mary Pearl, was stillborn.  Aunt Lorena has had such an impact on my life and who I am today.

 After the service our kiddos got a little lot out of hand, but oh well!  They were pretty much bouncing off the walls.  :)  Too bad I don't have those pictures to post.  
It meant so much to have both Amy's and my in-laws and dear friends there.

Ray's family is so supportive of him, which we are thankful.
My Grandma Alma, Uncle Bill, and Aunt Gee came.  Such good memories. Sure wish we could see them more often.
Ray's sister was a tremendous help and support to Ray.  I know my mom always appreciated the help she was to her after her brain surgery the year before.  My mom's school friend from Wray, CO made it to the service as well.
Silliness abounds!  It had been a long day week for them, bless their little hearts. :)