Thursday, June 30, 2011

Jud's new trick

This little stinker figured out how to climb up onto the table and help himself to an apple. I couldn't believe how well he ate it whole. Since this incident he has sunk his teeth into four more! I had to finally get serious about training in this new area. :)

The Showers

These showers were just wonderful! I felt very loved by our friends, family, and church family. And, one of my favorite things about a shower....the food. It was delicious at both!

These aren't the best pictures of me, but I thought I should prove I was there. :)

The remaining pregos. :)

Thank you to everyone who helped with these showers. BJ and I really appreciated the support, gifts, and prayers.

Highlights from Home Run.....

For the past two months, we spent every dry Monday and Friday at the Barendse Park in Hubbard. I gotta say, this was quite a commitment! You know you are not a sports crazy family when mom and dad are actually excited to get rain on Mondays and Fridays....during the start of summer! :) Overall, we had a great time and met some wonderful families. This Christian league is for homeschool families in our area and the Mollala area. It is nice to have all the games and practices for three boys on three different teams take place at the same time. The only challenge was walking my very pregnant body around to watch three different teams!

BJ volunteered to help coach Justin's t-ball team, but then the main coach backed out and BJ was it. He did a great job. Another guy jumped on board to help him and they had a fun time. My favorite things about BJ's experience as a coach...

-the cute little girl who cried at anything and everything

I loved watching this daddy of five boys try to awkwardly comfort her. :)

-the team learning to sing the Ephesians 4:32 song

-watching ornery boys run laps around a tree for being ornery! :)

Go Team Lightning!!!

The playground was lots of fun for J.R. and Judson. And actually, the t-ball team would have rather been there too instead of playing their game. :)

Jared and Jesse did really well. We were impressed with their progress in this first year of being on a team.

Fun times picnicking at the Friday games.

Jesse received the spirit award- the only individual award given-for his team at the end-of-the-season potluck. We were really proud of all three boys. Maybe we will do it again next year...maybe? :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

A true boy...

This poor little guy gets hurt a lot. At least he is tough. :) The Sunday before this scab, he hit his forehead on the pew in front of him. Once that knot healed, he tried to climb on his brother's tricycle and fell off onto the cement. That is the nose wound he showed off last Sunday. This next week it will be the scab on his chin from tripping outside. I might have to give up on him having a clear face for any pictures taken next week. :)

Our busy boy

Judson loves to be outside. He also loves to imitate and try to keep up with his big brothers. Notice the ear thingys. :) Jud keeps us on our toes as he is a busy little fellow.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Special Music

Last month my boys were scheduled to sing during the offeratory. These pictures are during their practice so Jud was free to roam. They sang "A Child of God" and did a great job.

BJ and I love the stair step poses. It will be fun to see which boy ends up the tallest. We are really rooting for BJ's genes!

Fancy boy cookies....

Aunt Candy is truly amazing. Her cookies are almost too perfect to eat! My boys were thrilled when I came home with a few leftovers from Sheila's shower.

I love this picture because it is so Jesse....just like his daddy. :)


This picture is old, especially considering Heidi had her sweet baby girl two weeks ago, but I wanted to post this picture of new life. How special to all be pregnant together. This picture doesn't even include Jocelyn who had her little Paisley May almost two months ago. Lots of babies and lots of prayers for all these babies. Next up is Sheila...although I might beat her since I am scheduled at 38 weeks. :)