Monday, January 27, 2014

meet the dog, Jack

Two weeks before Christmas we surprised the boys with a puppy.  I love how BJ drove to get the puppy, surprised the boys, then we left for a date night....sorry Johnson girls.  :)  Anyone who really knows me knows that dogs are not my thing.  However, I love my boys soooo much, how could I resist?  Especially when my biggest boy of all was most excited about having a dog again.  :)  So far Jack has been a great puppy and quite the companion for our boys on their many adventures around the property. I will admit that he is kinda cute- and I even pet him!  Can you believe it?!!!  

Pizza night with the other Kuykendalls

So glad we were able to find time to get together with Uncle Joey, Aunt Alison, and Lauren.  We had a great evening of pizza, salad, dessert, and a Christmas movie for the kiddos.

The boys enjoyed giving Lauren rides on her chariot. :)

Christmas time is here....

It was so nice to be in our own place and get out all the decorations this year. Every year I have trouble remembering where I put things the year before....this year I wised up and took a few photos to refresh my memory.  :)

baby it's cold outside...

That cold spell was something else!  I can't imagine living in a place where temperatures that low are the norm for the winter months. :) Everything was beautiful though....from the warm, cozy indoors.  Oh, except maybe when our pipes were frozen.  


Our boys, along with Grandma Sally and Papa, provided the program for the December Primetimer's luncheon at our church.  Fun times!

Besides singing and piano solos, I was so proud of my boys for reciting Luke 2:1-20.  The boys and I worked really hard on memorizing this passage during school.  

They ended with a long time family favorite, "I have seen the light."
This was Jud's first time to sing in public with the boys.  It was quite entertaining! :)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Snow....and a couple of girls in the mix

The first weekend in December we were blessed to have two little girls stay with us.  While BJ's cousin (Eddie and wife Jocelyn) were in Hawaii celebrating their anniversary, we got to have Rileigh and Paisley stay with us for two nights.  Talk about fun....and different!  We had a great time, and it was so hilarious to see the differences between boys and little girls.  We also had snow that weekend.  Woo-hoo!  Being a California girl, snow is something I get really excited about.  :)

O Christmas Tree....

We found a good one!  So thankful this year we picked a tree in the daylight. :) With our new home having higher ceilings, the boys were excited to get a taller tree than the last few years.

November Fun

Johnny slipped in the ditch and cut his hand on a piece of glass.  Thank goodness for nurse Debbie. :)
Sweet baby Ezekiel.
A little bedtime surprise from Jesse.  He is so thoughtful with his notes. 
Game night
Common random occurrences at our place. :)
Tired boys holding hands. (Johnny and Josiah)
Ikea fun....especially when kids eat free. 7 free kids meals = huge savings!

Ladies' Christmas craft night at church.  This was one of our projects.

Jud insisted on looking just like "cowboy small."
These two escaped in their "poofy pants."  Johnny rescued them for me. 
One of many to-do's for Thanksgiving. :)
Jesse, my baker, made cookies for Thanksgiving.
My big helper.
Fun times with the Freemans.

Bingo! (I love that our boys love babies.)

Uncle Isaac got a hold of Josiah. :)
Bringing out the Christmas decs.