Monday, August 30, 2010

Beach day

It feels like forever ago, but in late July we took a day trip to the beach. (I am so behind on my posts.) It was a beautifully cold, overcast day in Oregon. So shocking I know! :) Despite the weather, we had a great time. We started at the Astoria Column.

Next, we explored Fort Stevens. There was a lot more to see than I had expected. The place fascinated BJ.
A trip to Seaside isn't complete without a 75 cent cone at the Candyman....yummy!
Jud had his first experience in the sand. It is always fun to watch a little one run his hands through it and then get it in his mouth. :)
It was so cold that BJ and I thought there was no way the boys would get in the water. We were wrong. They had to wear their dry swimming trunks home. :)

Our day ended with pizza at one of our favorite places, Fultano's. The boys always seem to get a quarter out of us at that place for the toy machines. Jared was a little disappointed with his selection since he put the quarter in and received a spray of confetti. Being the saver that he is, he tried to keep a few small streamers until I convinced him otherwise. :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another hike....

The boys love to go on little hikes with daddy. This time I tagged along. My boys are always very protective of me and willing to help me through the hard spots. :) This is an activity that I know I need to learn to enjoy....with five boys, we will be hiking often.

Justin looks so grown up in this picture. So sad.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Gone Fishing

BJ took the boys fishing early one morning. I wanted to come by to take pictures, but by the time I got myself and the little guys ready, they were just cleaning up. I guess they caught a few, but threw them back because they were tiny. BJ and I were just fine with that. :) It is the experience that matters the most anyway. :)

Looks can be deceiving...

Looks like we had a great time...and we did, but the rest of the day until this hike was HORRIBLE! Sometimes I read blogs and think their life seems so wonderful. Then I think, "what do people think when they read mine?" (At least people who don't know us very well!) Maybe they are thinking the very same thing. Well, our life isn't always sunshine and roses. My boys fight. Messes are constantly made. Mommy loses her temper. Sweet baby Dud cries. BJ is always dirty from the type of work he has been doing. Thank goodness for the sweet moments to remind us why we are doing all of this. Just keeping it real. :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

The tractor sold and BJ is sad

In preparation for our move, BJ sold his tractor a few weeks ago. He was a little sad as it drove away. Anyone who knows my husband knows he is a farmer at heart.

J.R. shares his daddy's love for tractors. He is always asking to ride the "little tractor" (lawn mower) with daddy.

Who knows?....maybe someday we will need to own one again. :)