Monday, February 17, 2014

Woo-Hoo....We went to Colorado!

The day after Christmas BJ, Joshua, Josiah, and I flew to Colorado for my cousin, Big Justin's wedding.  This was an exciting and crazy time!  Mostly crazy trying to deal with the to-do's of Christmas and getting packed and ready for a trip. Even though I can multi-task, I usually have to focus on one event and then work on the next.  Thankfully we didn't fly out until the afternoon.  :)
Once we landed and got our rental car we met my dad for dinner. The last time we saw him was the summer of 2010 so this was his first time to meet the twins.  We had a nice time visiting before making the long drive to Wray.  (A place I love....pretty sure I've mentioned that a time or two!)
It was so good to see family again.  I really wish we could have stayed longer and brought all the boys with us.  Our big boys were so sad to miss out.  On a drive to let the twins nap we stopped by my mom and Aunt's old school.  It was hard to relive the many memories of my mother.  This was where she grew up and where she took us for our vacations every year.  
BJ and I are always fascinated with the can see for miles.  Definitely a change of scenery from our part of Oregon.

Some of my family at the rehearsal.
Justin was so sweet to let a bunch of us crash at his house.  A little crazy sharing one bathroom with everyone, but great to hang out and visit with my Dodsworth cousins. We played a movie to help calm the twins down before bed.  They were enjoying being free from cribs on this trip.  :)
The big day!  I actually missed the whole ceremony because I watched the bins in the nursery.  However, I had such a great time visiting with my cousin-in-law, Priscilla. And, everyone told me BJ did a great job marrying them. :)

~Justin and Fawn~
Here I am with my cousins, Duaine and Doyle.  I have many memories with these two.  It still weirds me out to be a "grown-up" now with them.  :)
The trip was a lot of fun.  BJ and I had a great time together and it was neat to focus on our youngest two.  Congratulations, Justin and Fawn. We are so glad we could share your special day with you!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

December fun

Jesse out with his sidekick, Jud.
Touring the Settlemier House.

Fun with the Fritzler girls.

Date with these two.

Daddy introduced the boys to Claymation Christmas....old school fun!
Primetimer's luncheon
Judson goes to the dentist.
"It's a Wonderful Life" movie night.
An under the weather Joshua....sad, but so sweet and still. :)
Jesse's birthday breakfast with Grandma Sally and Papa.
Christmas goodies for our Sunday School teachers.
My sweet Justin.
 Christmas Sunday fun.

Hanging with the Johnsons.
 Wrapping night....every year BJ and I watch "The Preacher's Wife" while wrapping presents.  BJ helps for a while then falls asleep on the couch. We live an exciting life.  :) I can usually sneak his gifts out and wrap them while he sleeps....convenient since the mess and wrapping paper is already out.  I usually prefill lunch bags with each boys' stockings, but this year we had no where to hang the stockings so those were prefilled and hid until the big day.  :)
 Sleepy heads opening stockings with daddy.
 Colorado trip with my love- and bins.
Since BJ married Justin and Fawn and I had the twins, I missed the whole wedding! Fortunately, I had a great time chatting with my cousin-in-law, Priscilla, in the nursery. :)
 Joshua and Josiah were fascinated with their sweet cousin, Emmaline.
 All three fell fast asleep on the flight home.  
 Family fun night to LimeBerry. Yum!
 Ringing in the new year with encouraging posters for each family member.

Cutest little sweaters

This year Grandma Carolla gave her great grandchildren these darling hand knit sweaters filled with money.  I treasure the collection we have of her stockings and mittens from the two previous years.  We are so blessed to have her in our life.

Christmas Day

Christmas morning we woke up to stockings and a yummy breakfast.  BJ took the 4 oldest to the Silvercreek Assisted Living to host a little service, and then we were off to Grandma and Papa's.  We had a nice day there.  I didn't get many pictures, but I love this one of the middles waiting so patiently to open gifts.  :)
 Josiah got ahold of BJ's drink.  This is a habit we hope he never picks up!

Christmas Eve

Every year after the Christmas eve service we head home for taco soup and opening presents. Lots of hugs tonight. :)

People often comment that Christmas must be so exciting at our home, and it is.  Lots of excitement, energy, and wrapping paper.

Joshua Courage
Josiah Christian

You can't even see it, but one of my gifts from BJ was a barber's chair he bought off Craigslist.  :)  I have already used it once, and it sure beats a wooden stool, plus it spins really fast....a bonus if you ask the boys. :)
Such a fun, memory filled Christmas.  I am very thankful for our special blessings from the Lord. And so thankful for the gift of His son.