Tuesday, March 19, 2013

family night

 I love nights like these when the boys are somewhat calm and enjoying each other. :)
Daddy was doing push-ups as a punishment for getting upset with the boys.  The boys thoroughly enjoyed it. :)

Poor Justin fell out of the bathtub and hurt his lip pretty bad.  I never really understood how it all happened, but hopefully a lesson was learned. :)
You're never too old to do tricks with daddy. :)

The BIG moving day.

With the beds and bare minumum moved we were able to spend Friday night in our new home.  Our boys loved running around before the furniture arrived. 
We were so thankful to have great friends and family give of their Saturday to move all our stuff!  We could have never done it alone....we have lots of stuff! :)

Aunt Connie set the boys up playing an app while waiting for the next load to arrive.

This is our beautiful view from the east side.  I love it! Every time I look out the window I thank the Lord for his blessings.

A highlight for the boys was riding up and down on the lift of the truck.

Johnny unpacked and organized my pantry.  He was so excited to help.  He often says, "mom, I just love our new house."

Our dear friend, Papa Larry, brought a delicious meal for the moving crew.

These are the two scary ditches.  I guess a long time ago they put the pigs in the ditches with the cows over them. Gross, I know. Now they are filled with junk and nasty water. Cousin Eddie loaned us a pump and Uncle Joey got to work emptying them.  This will be a big long term project as we have to fill them in.

We couldn't find our cups.  I don't know how well this worked out. :)

The crew helped us dedicate our new home to the Lord.  

Thank you friends and family!!!

Monday, March 11, 2013

our exciting news!

We moved! My goodness, after 2 1/2 years we thought this day would never come, and then it all happened so fast.  We experienced a lot of bumps along the road in this journey of finding a home. The fact that we desired some land greatly limited our choices.  There aren't very many small acreage properties in the Woodburn area.  

God is so good.  We thought we had found our future Kuykendall farm....a beautiful piece of property with a home needing a tremendous amount of work. After brainstorming how we would swing the necessary complete remodel while living there, a home I had fallen in love with came back on the market.  I think we only had a shot at it because our previous offer had been turned down.  Once their accepted offer fell through they contacted us.  I waited to box up our stuff until I knew it was a for sure thing....and then I only had about two weeks to get it all done.  We signed on a Monday, got the keys on Tuesday, cleaned on Wednesday, bought a fridge on Thursday, moved on Friday and Saturday, had a busy church day Sunday, completely emptied and cleaned our rental on Monday, and BJ left for a conference on Tuesday for the remainder of the week.  Needless to say it was an exciting and exhausting week.

 BJ's parents came to help on Friday.  We greatly appreciated their help and Sally's yummy lunch.

The adventure begins......

WPC Homecoming

Reunion time happened again at Warner's homecoming. It is always good to catch up with these old friends....our meetings are few and far between.
My older boys also had a chance to share their music and scripture memory.  They made me proud!
We stopped at the park on our way home to get the boys' wiggles out.  The boys are always up for these stops. :)

Valentine's Day

Our boys have been anticipating fondue on Valentine's day since the day after last Valentine's day!  I guess without meaning to we have created another tradition.  Although it is a messy and time consuming meal, BJ and I were happy to treat them.  Here are a few highlights from the evening.

The bins are our first babies to be unaware of sweets.  I really prepped the boys to not share their cookies or hot cocoas with these little ones....try to hold off as long as we can.  :)  I couldn't resist a little chocolate fondue drizzle on their plate, and of course, they loved it!
Here are the big boys opening little gifts of $2 bills and a family gift of "Little House on the Prairie" season 2.  We have been watching a lot of Little House since Christmas.  :)

Our family had such a fun night!  If you try a fondue night, my best advice is to invest in a dollar tree tablecloth.  During the clean up you'll be so glad you did. :)