Thursday, July 25, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

We were probably crazy to do this since we had a busy couple of weeks, but we wanted to see our Centralia friends and family.  This was a super quick trip of bringing my sister a trailer full of her stuff and empty boxes for their move, a little swim time at the Corwins, the parade, and a bbq at the Wiley's. There are always so many people we wish we could catch up with. Someday I want to spend a week up there!
Here's a few pictures of the parade....

This is Joshua and Josiah's first time eating one of these sucky applesauce things.  Thanks, Aunt Amy!  They caught on pretty fast. :)

Lots of cousin fun! :)

Pre- Bible Bee fun

The week leading up to this Thursday was pretty busy for BJ....which really means we were not seeing him much.  :(   I was happy when he took off early on Thursday to have some fun as a family on our way to Bible Bee.  Here are a few highlights of our day....

The boys were pretty excited when BJ set up our old swing set.  

I love watching the twins swing.  I can't believe how big they are getting.


This is a view from the back of our property.

Now the corn is taller than BJ!  It's amazing how fast it grows!
We're loving it here!!!

This summer Jared and Jesse have had more opportunities to do farm/yard work to earn money for their Mexico trip.  This has left me with more time with my middles and littles.  As much as I love my oldest two, it has been fun to spend time with these guys.  It reminds me of my earlier days of motherhood, except with more boys, a lot more knowledge, and a way different perspective on things.  Funny how that happens.  :)

Father's Day

We spent Father's Day again this year at Champoeg Park with my in-laws.  It was a beautiful day, and the boys, except Johnny, had great fun!  

Last year Justin was feeling bad and this year it was poor Johnny's turn.  

This picture was taken on our day trip to the beach, and I love it!  I'm so proud to have a sweet husband whose favorite hobby is our boys!  
Happy Father's Day, BJ!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Our church held a banquet in celebration of our 40+ year relationship with the Virays of Manilla, Phillipines.  As part of the celebration we honored Eldo and Jeanette Miller, who have since gone to be with the Lord, for their gift to the Virays many years ago that allowed them to purchase land for their first church building.  The Lord has certainly blessed their labors.  Their congregation has planted over 20 congregations!  
My mom happened to be up visiting us so she got to come too!  Jared was a server for our table and did an excellent job.  :)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sally and Aunt Candy performed a piano duo concert in celebration of Lynchwood's new grand piano. They did an excellent job, of course.  And it was fun to hear my mother-in-law's commentary on the pieces performed and her childhood memories.  Sally asked Jared and Jesse to play the duet they worked up, He's Got the Whole World in His Hands.  I love seeing them play together....melts my mama heart.  :)

Visit from friends

Our dear friends, the Wohlds, came to visit us and see our new home.  It was so nice to catch up with each other.  Our kiddos had a blast playing together, too.  It seemed that throughout the day BJ and Steve talked nonstop....and moved to a new location nonstop.  At one point we were looking for them and found them jumping on the trampoline!  Jess and I preferred sitting in one location to visit.  :)

I didn't take many pictures, but the day was a real blessing to us. Thanks for taking time out to come see us, Steve and Jess! 

Bible Bee!

These boys are doing Bible Bee again this summer.  They were so excited to get their materials in the mail.  It has been going strong for about 6 weeks now, and the boys are doing great.  They are studying the book of 1 John and learning 24 scripture passages.  
 This was our first family Bible Bee bonfire.  Jared and Johnny were at Grandma Sally and Papa's so they missed out on the s'mores fun.  
 Judson was looking a little rare that night.  He insisted on wearing his hat and backpack.  :)

 Pure yumminess.....