Tuesday, August 20, 2013


The boys were asked to sing offertory for Tuesday evening of camp meeting.  Practicing for these such occasions is always hilarious.  Maybe not so hilarious at the time, especially when it is the night before, but BJ and I are learning to loosen up- a little.

How can we not crack up when Judson and Josiah join in?

And especially when they are reading their words, but two out of three of them can't read!

They sang a song that we learned from our dear friends', the Voetbergs,  a Jesus Loves Me/So Deep medley. 
They did a great job, and this mama was so proud.  :)

Camp Dwight

Camp Dwight was soooo much fun!!!  Even with twins that refuse to sleep well through the night, it was a great trip.  They did sleep a little better than last year, but not much. :) We were also so thankful to have my in-law's trailer.  Thank you Grandma Sally and Papa!!!

Here are the boys' bags ready to be loaded.
And we're off!
Outhouses....a small trade off for a weekend of fun!
Life long friends and sort of cousins.  :)

The slip and slide is a highlight for my boys, and I'm sure you can see why!  I loved hearing and seeing the difference between the girls' and boys' turns.  The girls are noisy and the boys are dangerous!

Josiah enjoying ice cream.
Poor Johnny was a little worn out.  He missed the whole talent night.
Jared really wanted to do the family fun run.  Between his begging and my new friend's invite I went along.  This was a new experience for me.  Probably training for these things is a good idea....I was sore for a whole week! :)
Joshua....I think!

It was a great weekend of refreshment and sweet fellowship.  Can't wait for next year!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bible Bee

The boys have had fun this year at "the hive."  They worked hard on their verses and sword studies.  I kinda gave up on Justin's sword study because it was still too advanced for him, but was so proud to see the progress he made memorizing his scriptures.  It was awesome to see him work on them all by himself and get so excited to add another one to his repertoire!  This was definitely a highlight of their summer.  :)

More time with just these guys, and boy are they fun!!!


It was so sad to see our little guys feeling bad the day after their party.  They didn't fully recover for a week!  One blessing of sickness is lots of snuggle time....and it was definitely easier to keep track of them that week.  

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Our binnies are 2!!!

Our sweet babies toddlers turned two on July 6th.  It has been a whirlwind of a year or two, but we wouldn't trade it for anything.  Joshua and Josiah have brought so much joy into our lives....as well as their brothers'!  

Right now you might catch these two....
 -singing "Jesus Loves Me" without making out any real words
-shooting with a play gun, complete with sound effects
-yelling "bye-bye!"
-constantly getting into the boys' toothbrushes and my hairspray
-helping themselves to plums from our tree
-motioning for us to put their shoes on them
-climbing any playground structure around
-wanting whatever item the other one has :)
We were in the midst of a busy week when we decided to host a BBQ for the twins' birthday, so when Justin wanted to take on the decorating, I was more than willing to let him!  Wish you could have seen his streamers.  :)

 The party was actually held on the 7th.....little Eddie's birthday.  :)

 Here are a few of our sweet babysitters from church.  These ladies have allowed us to enjoy a few date nights.  Such a blessing!

 Joshua and Josiah loved opening their presents.  After each one they screamed "yeah!!!" and everyone cheered.  I think they loved the response.  :)

 The binnies new toys are often enjoyed by all....including the biggest brother! Ha!  

Joshua Courage

Josiah Christian

 Happy Birthday....We love you!!!

The Smythe's 4th of July party was also a blast!  We always enjoy the fellowship, encouragement, and yummy food.  The day is scheduled with activities for the kiddos, family presentation times, a pie contest, mini bazaar, special speaker (this year, Greg Harris), and a potluck dinner.  Fun, fun, fun!!! Here are pictures of our boys enjoying the day.  :)