Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Liviya's dedication Sunday

(In case you all haven't noticed, I am still really behind on my blog.) 
Way back on June 10th, sweet Liviya Pearl was dedicated.  I wish I had pictures of the dedication but I was too busy keeping two babies quiet and happy so I could watch! :)  My sister and her family attend Calvary Chapel in Centralia along with a whole bunch of our friends, so this was a fun Sunday.  The boys especially loved hanging with their old friends again.

Fun rides at the Wohld's homestead....always a highlight for my boys.
Poor Noah wasn't feeling very well...even after his afternoon nap.
Judson was on cloud nine! He loves all the fun boy toys.

Glimpse into the future....

Considering BJ hardly shaved when I first met him, this is pretty remarkable!  Aren't they handsome? :)

Waiting for Grandma

A case of double trouble!

We hear plenty of "double trouble" comments.  I always liked my friend Ginny's response about her twins, "double the blessing." This, however, is a true case of double trouble.  Too bad I had only used 1 cup of my steel cut oats before they discovered them. :)

Monday, July 30, 2012

A visit with the other Kuykendalls :)

A while back we had the other Kuykendalls over for dinner. My boys are applauding Lauren for singing us a song.  She is a cutie and very girlie.  I often wonder what she thinks being stuck with all these boy cousins. :)

Our little musicians

These little guys are so cute!  All the "big-ger" boys were around the table eating when I heard sweet little piano playing.  At first it spooked me a little until I looked over to see these two having fun.  :)

Supposed to be sleeping