Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lighthouse Gospel Quartet

Uncle Dallas's group, the Lighthouse Quartet, came to sing at our church.  They did a great job! The highlight for me was spending a little time with Aunt Linda.  There are many days I reminisce about her  unannounced visits to chat and check in on me or the delicious chocolate cream pies she would deliver for my birthday or having her and Uncle Dallas stop by to share a piece of cake to celebrate one of our boy's birthdays.  Good times in Centralia....and so thankful for the relationship we built with them while living there. :)

A sweet treat

Well our no sweets January wasn't hard since we had a lot of cheats! There were enough events to keep my sweet tooth sort of satisfied.  We had told the boys we would end the month with a trip to LimeBerry, but by the end of the month BJ didn't think we really deserved it. Thankfully an impromptu text from the Johnsons asking us to meet them for yogurt led to this sweet indulgence! :)

You can tell sugar has no effect on Jud!

Friday, February 15, 2013

A trip to Florence

At the end of January we made a trip to visit my mom and Ray in Florence.  We were so blessed to have beautiful weather on our one full day there.  I couldn't believe how nice it was!  My mom took us to a state park just south of town, and our boys really enjoyed having this chance to get outside and play.  

This funny picture is in my mom's backyard.  The twins enjoyed being outdoors too.  They also really loved the pink flamingos. :)

Everyone who knows Jud knows to keep a close eye on him...that little stinker.  :)

I finally finished these ornaments!  So, I am either a few months late....or really on top of it for next Christmas!!! I'll just pretend it is the latter. :)

Monday, February 4, 2013

Justin's to -do's

Making his mama proud!

a day with little girls

Eddie, BJ's cousin, and Jocelyn asked us to babysit their two darling girls while poor Jocelyn had her wisdom teeth pulled.  I was thrilled to take care of these two....especially sweet Paisley who has taken a liking to me in the church nursery.  What's two more?  I think it is easier to go from 7 children to 9 than 1 child to 3! 

(Starting the day with family worship.) 
One of the first differences between boys and girls was noticed as soon as Eddie and Jocelyn dropped them off.   Rileigh followed me into the bathroom as I finished fixing my hair, and she talked to me non-stop the whole time. :)  I was thinking about it, because my boys talk a lot, but I think the difference is my boys run in to blurt out what they want to tell me and then run off again, over and over again.  They don't just calmly stay by my side and talk with me for an extended period of time.  :)  It was fun to carry on a conversation with Rileigh....she's a hoot!
Paisley really liked Jesse.

We were really blessed to have BJ take a few hours off from work to take us to the Evergreen Aviation Museum.  It was fun to explore this place again.

We had a great time and are looking forward to having them again. Hopefully Jocelyn will have a less painful reason to leave the girls with us next time.  :)

playing together

It's so cute to see these three ride like the the comforts of their own room.  :) Right now Judson is a source of entertainment and joy along with sometimes fear and anxiety to our twins.  They usually try and run the other way if they see him coming.  Jud's bear hugs and tackles are a little overwhelming. I know, however, that in another year or so they will all be the best of friends.  :)

Chief Joshua

I caught our sweet little bin, Joshua, trying to put this Indian feather on and decided to help him out. Looks like he is following in big brother Justin's love for Indians. :)