Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My heart is so heavy right now. BJ's cousin gave birth Monday morning to a precious little girl, Savannah Faith. She lived for about an hour...and then went to be with Jesus. We knew there were complications and that life would be a little harder/different for her, but I honestly wasn't expecting her to pass on. I was so hoping that this little girl would be at all the family get togethers and we would all get to love on her throughout the years. I don't understand why some have to endure so much pain and heartache....probably will never really understand. Please pray for the family. Pray that God would touch their wounded hearts -as only He can- flood them with His love, and strengthen them to face the coming days. We love you Savannah.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A few of my favorites.....

Jesse has been fun to teach. I never know what to expect when I check his work. I especially enjoy his extra reading workbook. His sentences make me smile. :)

Jesse did not understand why I let out a little giggle after reading this one. It is true, daddy does climb a few high ladders. :)

Thumb appreciation.

At least I know he is learning the appropriate times to be quiet.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This happens a lot around here....

Oh the joys of having all boys. They think it is so funny to scare mommy! Now I catch Justin strategically placing his critters all over for me to find.

A common occurrence....and yet I still jump or scream when I come across them!

Our sweet blond friends

Our Wiley friends are a real blessing. The boys love it when Big Justin brings them over for a visit...even though they are girls! :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Making a Splash!

After Judson's dedication, my mom and Ray were able to come to Centralia for a few days. We had fun swimming in their motel's pool.

I had not been swimming for so long! The boys thought it was great fun to have mommy in the water too!

Poor J.R.! BJ found this lovely thing at the Lynchwood's rummage sale. The moment BJ showed me his great find I could tell he couldn't wait to try it on one of the boys and get a good laugh. J.R. was the lucky one. BJ was trying to excitedly tell him how wonderful this suit is, but Johnny didn't fall for it. After a short swim he pulled the old "I have to go poo-poo" trick. Now that he is potty training he knows that comment gets results. As soon as the suit was off and he sat on the toilet he yelled "I'm done!" The suit didn't make it back on him. :)
We had a great time. Wish our visits could be more often.

Oh I wish I were an Oscar Mayer Weiner....

What fun to stand in front of a giant hotdog car! We went to Fort Lewis with my mom and Ray....and there it was. Passing out little hotdog shaped whistles. We drove home with four of them. Lots of fun. :)

Lauren was a little sad....

Cousin Judson cheered her up. :)

Judson's Dedication

February 21st we had Judson dedicated. It was really special to have him dedicated at Lynchwood COG by his Papa. We were thankful to have so many family members and dear friends there for the occasion.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Baby Dud updates......

I have been so bad about posting lately. It seems the weeks go by so fast...even when days seem so long. :) Another post about our baby....

Judson is doing so well. I watch his development in amazement...something I took for granted until J.R.'s problems. (Praise the Lord for J.R.'s healing and the progress he has made.) Judson is a sweet and smiley boy. We delight in his smiles.

His four month well-check was on Monday. He is in the 71st % for weight (15lbs. 9oz.) and 90th % for height. BJ is so excited at the possibility of having a tall son. :)

Yes, the chub is starting to conceal his ankles and wrists.

The comment we receive the most about Judson is that he looks so much like all his brothers. I wish I had the picture of Justin wearing this same outfit. Yee-Haw!