Friday, November 27, 2009 I can admit that life has been just a little bit overwhelming and busy! (As evidenced by my neglected blog.) Jud is a sweetie-pie, but lets just say that he likes being held best! Thankfully I do have two very willing baby holders. :) Our baby is now one month old. In his little life we have already traveled on a road trip to Walla Walla, WA and to my mom's in Florence, OR (where I am currently). Packing for myself and five little guys is exhausting...the laundry from seven people and a weekend of not doing laundry is exhausting...being in the car for five + hours is exhausting/sort of relaxing! We have really enjoyed our trips and visits with family, but I will be glad to stay close to home for a while. Posting pictures of our trips is on my to-do list! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving....there is so much to be thankful for.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


...of life as a family of seven.

10. Some confusion between the names Justin and Judson. Thank goodness for nicknames (baby Jud)!

9. After a few trips to doctor appointments, we were ready to trade in our minivan and suburban for a 12 passenger van.

8. While holding his new brother in the hospital, Jesse pointed out two things about baby Jud...his skin smells different than ours, and he has never broken one of the ten commandments. :)

7. Sleepless nights

6. The older three boys really stepping up to help with chores and even arguing over who gets to hold baby Jud next.

5. Hearing J.R. say his little brother's name in his low, booming voice... "Baby Dud."

4. BJ and I crying out to God for strength, energy, and wisdom in raising our family.

3. Hearing the boys exclaim how "adorable" newborn size diapers are...and trying to get the clean diapers on fast enough!

2. Figuring out a new routine in the mornings when mommy isn't up and ready on time.

1. Cuddling this gift of life in my arms.

The past two weeks have been a little bit of an adjustment...and just a little busier than usual. :) We could not have done it without the help of friends who provided meals for us every evening and help with our boys. We are in awe at how God meets our needs and cares for us.

Our boys had written us welcome home signs from the hospital so BJ made this sign to welcome them back from Grandma and Papa's.

Family worship. Jesse is known for picking random pj tops and bottoms...and J.R. loves to wear my longaberger basket liner on his head!

Fun times....

Every day, rain or shine, J.R. asks me if he can ride the tractor with daddy. He must have been thrilled to go on this ride with Papa the week Judson was born.

More hospital pics....

During our hospital stay we were lucky to have Grandma Sally stay with our boys. I know caring for four young, energetic boys can be exhausting....and we were grateful for her help.

Papa, Aunt Mim, Kami, Brady, and Reaghan were able to be there the day of Jud's birth.

The Kuykendall Grands...until Joey and Alison's little one arrives. :)