Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Duncans

On Friday, we watched Ruben and Konrad so Chip and Jenni could have a date night. We had a great time playing outside, going on a bike ride (got lots of looks with six boys), eating hotdogs and brownies, and playing uno. BJ is really good at keeping the boys occupied. (I probably would have fed them and played a movie!) Having the Duncans move to Centralia after their mission work in Hungary has been a real blessing. We are so glad to have them near us again.

These date nights are really going to work out in our favor - I mean what's another two boys?! The next night, Chip and Jenni watched our four boys so we could enjoy dinner out with another couple. We had a great time - and our boys enjoyed hanging with their friends again.

Baby John

J.R. loves the tire swing. BJ wanted him to try it out, of course. It hadn't occurred to me that he would be ready for it yet. He is my baby! Anyway, he loves it! (Sally, don't worry. We stay by his side and only push it a little!) :)

The Puyallup Fair

Last Monday, Jared hurried to finish his school so we could go to the Puyallup fair! (BJ has Mondays off.) We really enjoyed our day together as a family. The animals are always a lot of fun to view. As we passed the llamas, Justin and daddy had a fun little dialogue-

Ju- "Daddy, look at those chickens."

BJ- "Those aren't chickens, they are llamas."

Ju- "But they look like chickens."

Beege and I looked at each and laughed, but as we looked back at the llamas, their heads did resemble a chicken! It is so fun to talk to an almost three year old!

(For mothers of boys- Is this just always a natural resting place for little boy's hands?) :)
Jared and Jesse got to milk a plastic cow! That was fun!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Goodbyes, My boys, and a Gourd....

Today we said goodbye to our dear friends the Grimes. They are leaving for California in the morning, and I am sad. I still remember meeting them when we first candidated at this church, Ginny was pregnant with her first and I with Jesse. BJ hit it off with them right away, but I was more guarded. Actually, I thought Ginny was a little too out there for me! :) As the years have gone by, she has become one of my closest friends in Centralia. We pray that the Lord will protect and guide them on this new adventure.

Thought you might enjoy these random pics of my boys! Justin has trouble with being gentle at times.

Yesterday I noticed my sweet little Justin by the front door, but didn't think much of it until I saw the gourd. We had a pumpkin disconnect from the vine a while ago, so Jared placed it by the front door. Apparently Justin found a buttnernut squash in our garden- and thought it deserved its rightful place. Can't decide if I should leave it or eat it!

I Think I Can!

Canning is something I look forward to and dread every summer. I have only canned 14 quarts so far and there is still a big box of ripening pears waiting for me in the mudroom. The sticky mess is unbelievable, but I keep thinking of how excited my boys are to see a can of these pears on the dinner table in the middle of winter! Wish me luck! (Oh, and Aunt Linda, I still haven't figured out how to place them in the jar as perfectly as you!)

The Woogie Bee

On Friday, the boys and I went on a field trip to the Woogie Bee farm. We had a great time learning about bees, hives, and honey. The inside "teaching" part was almost two hours- which felt a little long with a 13 month old to keep happy! Since the bees were so docile they allowed a few kids to hold the frame. I was so proud of Jared for doing it -- I certainly did not want to! Probably the boys' favorite part of the morning was tasting the honey. They insisted I buy a pound of it. So, our peanut butter and honey sandwiches will be extra yummy for a while!

Monday, September 8, 2008

1st Day of School

We had a busy, eventful day! Jared started 2nd grade today. He did a great job and really hung in there - even with the sun shining. I felt a little overwhelmed trying to balance everything. He definitely has a bigger load this year. Jesse is in kindergarten and using the Beginning Steps to Reading curriculum. He finished his worksheets so fast I couldn't believe it! I know I will have to stay on task this year with two boys to teach. Our heart with homeschooling was to really incorporate the Lord into all aspects of life. The curriculum we are using does a good job of this, but it is so easy for me to get wrapped up in finishing every worksheet that I sometimes forget our goal and what is truly important.

Today the boys' fiddles arrived too! Jared and Jesse were really excited. They are starting lessons next week so I will have to post pics. I hope we don't regret this. I know beginning musicians can sound pretty good during practice times!!! ha!

This evening a family at our church gave us their old swing set. It is huge and kind of retro. (It came from an old school playground.) The boys are already really enjoying it!

Our Garage

Three years ago BJ (with the help of many wonderful friends and family) put in all new windows and siding on our home. That was crazy. I was about to give birth to Justin and I was nesting like crazy and I just wanted the project finished! Our good friend Steve helped spray our house one week before my c-section. BJ had planned to re-side our garage eventually but the wind storm a week before Christmas 2006 held us up a bit. During the storm, the boys and I were on our hide-a-bed watching "It's a Wonderful Life" when BJ came home from the office and said I had to look outside. Our giant Locust tree had fallen over crushing our old trailer, garage, and damaging our suburban! I remembered hearing a little boom but had not bothered to check it out.

That summer BJ figured he could make the necessary repairs to the garage but once he started he realized it was over his head. :) So we called in a crew to fix the structural damage. Then with the flood our county experienced this past December progress was held up a little more. (Thankfully we did not flood.) Anyway, here we are! BJ just finished the siding this summer and the paint today! Yeah!!! I am so proud of him. He did a great job and is such a hard worker.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Past Happenings

Last Saturday we went to Long Beach with Uncle Joey and Aunt Alison.
Check out our nice rig. Just kidding! That belongs to Joey and Al!

I got a kick out of Alison picking bubblegum flavored icecream!

On Monday we enjoyed having BJ's parents up for the day. John helped BJ install our garage door opener and repair a few other things. I loved it!

Veteran's Museum

Today the boys and I went with my mom and Ray to the Veteran's Memorial Museum in Chehalis. It is pretty impressive. Seeing individual soldier's belongings, uniforms, and stories was touching. I am so thankful for the men that gave their lives and served our country.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wallowa Lake

We were at the lake in the middle of August, but I thought it would be fun to post a few pics of our family vacation. It was different and sad to not a have a few key family members make it this year (like Aunt LaVisa) but totally understood her reasons for staying behind. We had a great time of hiking, riding Papa's boat, shopping, hanging with relatives, miniature golf, fishing, and roasting marshmallows around the campfire. BJ's great-grandma homesteaded in Wallowa county over a hundred years ago and BJ has been camping there since 1979. Boy, that sounds old!
I obviously don't know how to rotate my pictures yet, sorry!

The Beginning
This is the beginning of our family blog. I have enjoyed keeping up with my college friends and familys' blogs so much I decided to do one too! You will have to be patient with me as I learn how to do this. Technology has never been my thing.
This week we are blessed to have my mom and Ray visit for a few days. They were a great help today as I had my 3 wisdom teeth pulled. It was a little more painful than I anticipated. BJ stayed home today as well to take good care of me. Everything Ray fixed for dinner smelled sooooo good, but I stuck with mashed potatoes and cooked crookneck squash to be safe! (oh and a bowl of icecream) :)