Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Camp Dwight

Our main vacation this year was in Bend, Oregon at Camp Dwight.  What a blessing this camp was!  This was the first time for our family, the Freemans, and the Wohlds to attend...and I think we're all hooked.  Camp Dwight is hosted by the Johnson Family at their ranch. They have a real heart to be a blessing and encouragement to homeschool families. We enjoyed a ton of fellowship, music, encouraging messages, delicious food, and watching our children partake in all the activities.

Enjoying Aunt Amy's yummy cookies.

Our twins didn't have the easiest time.  Night times were a nightmare...especially since we were in a tent. I thought maybe they were freezing because I was freezing, but I've now realized that every night we have spent away from home is not their best. :) I also think I was starving my poor babies.  They were making the transition from pureed baby food to table food right before this trip.  I went ahead and just fed them baby food because we only had one portable hichair making it hard to self-feed two babies.  Looking back we should have made them take turns in the hichair (even if one would be sad) or better yet, bought another portable chair.  Live and learn. :)

Our big boys loved the zip line.

It was very hot in Bend.  I can't remember the last time I felt so hot!  I even got sunburned....which hasn't happened in a while. :)  Amy and I, with the babies, took off to enjoy some a/c and find a Starbucks while BJ and the boys enjoyed the water.

Jeremy enjoyed the spaghetti. :)

Boy, you have never heard so many great musicians!

This was a big ordeal!  We loaned our old suburban to Amy and Isaac so they could pull a trailer.  Now about the suburban.  BJ bought it because I don't really know.  It has a killer winch on the front that is super cool for boys.  And I think BJ was going to drive it down to Mexico for the church missions trip that ended being cancelled.  So now we have a suburban to sell. :)  Back to the ordeal....when Isaac parked the trailer there was plenty of room to position it correctly.  When he was ready to leave there wasn't as much room. Suffice to say they hooked it up and a little more character was added to the beast. :)
Can't wait for next year!


Jessica said...

It was all so worth it! I didn't hear about the added character to the Suburban. Makes for a funny story! We had a great time with you all and can't wait to do it again!

Amy said...

And by "added character" I'm sure you mean, incredibly clean and topped off with fuel!

Humblebeepie said...

This brings Back Such Wonderful Memories. Great Pictures. WeWereThereTooAndHadABeautifulTime. WeCan'tWaitToGoAgain. MyPhoneIsDoingWeirdThingsWithTheFont! I Was Looking For info About Exactly When It's Happening This YEAr. For Some Reason We Don't Usually Get The Email With Info And End Up Finding OuT from friends. Maybe We'll Meet This Coming Year. IRecognizeSomeOfYourKids. WeAreTheEmerson's. :)