Sunday, February 9, 2014

December fun

Jesse out with his sidekick, Jud.
Touring the Settlemier House.

Fun with the Fritzler girls.

Date with these two.

Daddy introduced the boys to Claymation Christmas....old school fun!
Primetimer's luncheon
Judson goes to the dentist.
"It's a Wonderful Life" movie night.
An under the weather Joshua....sad, but so sweet and still. :)
Jesse's birthday breakfast with Grandma Sally and Papa.
Christmas goodies for our Sunday School teachers.
My sweet Justin.
 Christmas Sunday fun.

Hanging with the Johnsons.
 Wrapping night....every year BJ and I watch "The Preacher's Wife" while wrapping presents.  BJ helps for a while then falls asleep on the couch. We live an exciting life.  :) I can usually sneak his gifts out and wrap them while he sleeps....convenient since the mess and wrapping paper is already out.  I usually prefill lunch bags with each boys' stockings, but this year we had no where to hang the stockings so those were prefilled and hid until the big day.  :)
 Sleepy heads opening stockings with daddy.
 Colorado trip with my love- and bins.
Since BJ married Justin and Fawn and I had the twins, I missed the whole wedding! Fortunately, I had a great time chatting with my cousin-in-law, Priscilla, in the nursery. :)
 Joshua and Josiah were fascinated with their sweet cousin, Emmaline.
 All three fell fast asleep on the flight home.  
 Family fun night to LimeBerry. Yum!
 Ringing in the new year with encouraging posters for each family member.