Tuesday, September 25, 2012

seven faces

Mommy's view....

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Summer Evening

Jesse and Justin display the shields they made.
The twins enjoy wagon time.
Judson thinks he is bigger than he really is.
Jesse and Justin try out their shields.
Johnny tries hard to make Joshua smile.
Joshua finally gives in.
Johnny spends hours pulling his brothers.
Jared discovers a love for sudoku.
Mommy and Jesse have a little fun.
A few of the boys pose in front of the white suburban that we are supposed to sell, but they all love because it was awesome to take on their camping trip.  Can you justify keeping a rig for a couple camping trips a year?....I don't know. :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

summer fun

Here are the boys enjoying the summer....
One hot evening we decided to pick up chicken from Safeway and enjoy it at the park.  The boys had a blast....and good memories were made. :)

A new look

BJ and I had talked about how fun it would be to cut his hair while the boys were staying at his parent's home for Sports Camp.  We knew the boys would be surprised to see Jud's new look. :)  I also thought it would be fun to do this while BJ was at work and surprise him too.  Our sweet, energetic Judson actually sat still while I cut his hair off.  Usually for haircuts BJ has to help hold his attention while I work fast.  When I showed Jud these pictures he pointed at them and said, "that's Justin."  Doesn't he look a lot like his big Brother?

Judson's new look hasn't altered the little boy that he is.  He is still just as active, fun loving, and snuggly as ever.  And most days, I wouldn't have him any other way. :)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Johnny's birthday and an emotional week

August 7th our Johnny Russel turned 5!  This boy is so much fun.  BJ always says, "To know John is to love John."  You just can't help it!  Recently he asked his Grandma Sally, "is this bathroom as dirty as your other ones?" Only Johnny can get away with these comments.  And, BTW, my mother-in-law is super clean! :) 
The morning of his birthday we met BJ's parents and the rest of our boys at Shari's.  This was during the week that Jared, Jesse, and Justin were staying with them for Vacation Sports Camp. The big boys had been really bummed about not being with John on his birthday, so they were excited to see him. 

This outfit has already become his new "mot-e-cycle" gear. :)
Check out how many boys he invited to his birthday party!!!
Johnny just had to have this lawn mower...as well as a few other items.  Every time we went to Target Johnny begged to see it, and then he and Judson would pull the noisy cord so many times I would get embarrassed.  Let's just say we weren't the quietest bunch in Shari's either.

This whole week had been less than normal.  The Sunday before this, while heading to church, I received a call from my step-dad that my mom was being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance because her brain was bleeding.  We contacted Amy and Isaac, got the boys situated, then Jared and I took off for the Hospital in Eugene.  The surgery went well, we thought, but my mom was not recovering well and the bleeding had not stopped.  BJ and I knew there was a chance we might need to head back to Eugene, but went ahead with our plans until we heard otherwise. 

It was different to give Johnny his presents without the rest of the family around ( I didn't have them wrapped in time for breakfast :).  Definitely quieter and less commotion! 
Direct quote from Johnny, "For my birthday I want a lawnmower, a chain saw, a leaf blower, working pants, working boots, and a working shirt.  If those were my only presents, I'd still be happy."  Gotta love him! :)
After our gifts we left for Red Robin.  Just as we were being seated I received a call from Ray that my mom was being taken back for another surgery.  We decided to go ahead with our dinner and then travel back to Eugene.  The Johnsons were real lifesavers by coming over to stay with our boys til late in the night/early morning so BJ could be with me this time.  This surgery was much more successful and we could already see a huge difference in the surgeries during the recovery times.  My sister and I were able to spend one night in the hospital with my mom a few days after the second surgery.  I am thankful for the quality time with both of them.  It isn't often that we are together without little ones around.
Johnny is such a blessing....so sweet to just go with our family's flow.
Happy Birthday....we love you!

P.S.  My mom is doing much better.  You would not even know she went through all this if you saw her now.  She is still fighting the cancer and receiving platelets often, but we are thankful she doing this well.  Thank you to all who were praying for her.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Big Helper, Little Helper

Judson really wanted to help, so Jared was a good sport and "trained" him on the job. :)

Sick day

one load in washer
one load in dryer
very sick family

(Thankfully this was after Camp Dwight...BJ was super dad since I even caught the bug.  No fun, but we all survived. :)

Here are two sleepy boys watching a movie.  I love happening upon moments like this. :)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

What's wrong with this picture?

This is one way to get through a game with littles on the loose. :)